My Life in Words
South Carolina

Bio: About me...it's practically a requirement for any and every social networking site that the world wide web has to offer...so most would think I should be able to write you a book about myself at the drop of a hat, right??? Wrong... very, very wrong... I don't understand myself half of the time, so it is a tad bit difficult for me when I try to tell others "about me." I can give you the basics...I am a 28 year old, single mother of two extremely handsome and amazing young boys!!!! Aiden is 6, has extreme ADHD, and is probably the most intelligent, fast-learning, caring and different (for lack of better words) young man you'll ever meet...ever need your house re-wired, he's your guy 😉. Greyson is 3 going on 16 and will melt your heart with his preciousness in more ways than you can imagine, while at the same time he'll say "dammit," as he's headbanging to Shinedown and beating up his older brother...no I don't condone my child cussing, just for those who are thinking how terrible a mother I am right now! Two completely opposite little boys who are my entire world and run me ragged on a daily basis!!!! Now...me... I am a walking contradiction in many ways. I hate being alone, but I hate people and I want to lose weight, but I also want to eat all the tacos... you get the idea. I am just an indecisive person, what can I say??? If you were to ask my friends about me, they'd tell you something like this: Jessie is a mom, who loves her babies and tries her damnedest to give them everything they need and want. She is an extremely goofy person who doesn't care what anyone thinks about her and can make almost anyone laugh!!! She loves music, especially rock, and extra especially Halestorm and Shinedown. She's that running girl...a name she's been saddled with for well over 10-15 years now. She is dark and depressed sometimes...her life has never been a walk in the park. That is a very brief summary "about me." Guess you'll have to see for yourself who I really am, as you join me on my way to re-discover that very thing!!!!

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