Week 2 is almost over!!!

So I am now on my second week of training for my half marathon in march….and it is going great! Granted I am no where near able to run like I did in high school, the fact that I see seconds melting away after every run, makes me feel accomplished. I honestly just want to make it across that finish line for myself….I don’t care if nobody comes to support me, I will be doing it for ME!!! I am aiming to push myself further than I ever have because there is just something about running that gets my juices going..haha…literally and figuratively!!!

I have also decided that I do not really care to fool with all these other races I had planned on doing, even though they would be fun 🙂 My primary focus is to finish my half and full marathon this year. I plan on doing two other races for fun, and maybe another half or two to help prepare me for the 26 point freakin two miles I will be running in October!!! I have never felt more alive and more confident in who I am becoming and I love how in touch I have become with myself. Running=Sanity….don’t ever forget that…until next time…happy trails!!!!


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